Will HR Become Automated in the Future?


November 29, 2023

Human resources departments are at the leading edge of some significant advances in the quickly expanding world of work, notably in the area of automation. From prominent organisations’ extensive embrace of remote work models to the unrealised potential of automating recruitment processes, this article examines how AI and automation are not just modernising but also reinventing HR practices. It investigates the ramifications of these changes, such as AI-driven modernisation, the shift to online employee training, and the increasing reliance on payroll automation, painting a picture of an HR landscape that is becoming more efficient, data-driven, and aligned with the needs of a digital-first world.

The Rise of Remote Workforces

Prominent companies, including Twitter and Shopify, have increasingly adopted remote work models, aligning with the preferences of 65% of employees who wish to continue working remotely post-COVID. HR departments should adapt by developing strategies and workflows that support remote or hybrid working environments.

Automation in Recruitment

The recruitment process, often repetitive and labour-intensive, presents significant opportunities for automation. Despite the potential, current automation in recruitment tasks is limited to a mere 6%. However, with advancements in AI and HR tools, we can anticipate a surge in automation of recruitment activities in the coming years. Tools like Linked Helper are just one example of how automation can streamline the recruitment process.

Accelerated Modernisation of HR with AI

As the demands of human resources grow in complexity in the digital era, companies are increasingly turning to AI automation for various functions such as onboarding, training, and recruitment. This shift allows HR departments to proactively address inquiries and problems, offer tailored solutions, reduce monotonous tasks, and focus on aspects requiring personal interaction, all while maintaining constant availability through AI-enabled chatbots.

Transition to Online Employee Training

To boost staff productivity, employee training is essential, and with the shift towards remote work, online training is becoming the norm. Businesses are expected to adopt automated online training platforms and workshops, enabling employees to acquire and enhance skills in a more flexible and accessible manner.

Embracing Payroll Automation

Recently, there has been a significant uptick in companies utilising payroll automation software for tasks ranging from issuing invoices to directly depositing salaries into employees’ accounts. This automation frees up time for more meaningful employee interactions and leadership, and also reduces costly errors associated with manual payment processing.

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Future of HR Automation

Published on 29-11-2023


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