Understanding Artificial Intelligence in Modern Medicine


September 27, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is described as “the capability of a machine to undertake tasks that usually need human intelligence.” In simpler terms, it refers to a machine’s ability to make informed decisions. Today, artificial intelligence in medicine is becoming an integral part of the healthcare system.

Numerous technologies that we interact with, such as Amazon’s Alexa, are supported by AI capabilities, often subtly embedded. Alexa, for instance, understands voice commands and reacts accordingly. A promising avenue for AI is its integration into the medical field, with various applications already in effect.

AI’s Growing Role in Modern Healthcare

Medicine is already reaping the benefits of AI, as seen in the UK and globally:

Medical Diagnostics

AI-enabled platforms are becoming adept at diagnosing diseases from medical images and slides.


  • AI aids in detecting cancers and other ailments earlier, ensuring improved patient outcomes.
  • IVF treatments leverage AI for screening to gauge the success rate of an embryo transforming into a pregnancy.
AI-Powered Radiotherapy

Traditional radiotherapy techniques have standard doses. Today, AI algorithms use CT scans and digital health records to customise doses for each patient.

The Rise of Virtual Nursing

These AI-powered robotic nurses ensure continuous patient monitoring.


  • Devices that offer real-time advice, remind patients of medication schedules, and monitor vital signs.
  • Tools like “Current” offer insights into a patient’s heart rate, oxygen levels, and other vital parameters, both at home and in medical facilities.
  • Smartwatches now have AI capabilities to identify conditions like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

While virtual nurses could be an extension of services like the NHS 111, the public’s comfort in interacting with a robotic entity remains a question.

Surgical Robots

Robotic assistants are showing promising results in standard surgeries. Data indicates these AI-driven surgeries can significantly reduce complications.


Health Information Through Voice Commands

In collaboration with Amazon’s Alexa, the NHS offers voice-activated health insights. The primary aim here is to alleviate the pressure on medical professionals while ensuring easy access to information for the elderly, visually impaired, or those who find online browsing challenging. Though there are data privacy concerns, Amazon ensures that all user data remains encrypted and private.

AI’s Potential in Healthcare

Prompt Diagnoses

Much of diagnosis is pattern recognition. Radiologists, for instance, examine X-rays to identify anomalies. AI can recognize finer patterns earlier, possibly identifying diseases sooner.

Data Gathering

Currently, much of the NHS operates with paper records, and their digital systems aren’t entirely interoperable. For AI’s potential to be fully realised, there’s a need for standardising data collection, storage, and ensuring data quality.

Balancing the Benefits and Concerns:

While platforms like reform.uk highlight AI’s potential in bridging health gaps and offering targeted treatments, public concerns around data privacy persist. The NHS has its task cut out in refining its IT infrastructure and ensuring data privacy to fully harness AI’s capabilities.

In Summary

Artificial Intelligence is gradually establishing its foothold in the medical sector, from diagnosis to treatment. While the advancements promise significant improvements in patient care, concerns about data privacy and technology integration remain. As the landscape of AI in medicine evolves, ensuring the public’s trust will be paramount.

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AI in Medicine

Published on 27-09-2023

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