Top 5 Biggest Artificial Intelligence Companies


March 6, 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), several companies are leading the charge, shaping the future of technology, and transforming industries across the globe. From pioneering groundbreaking innovations to deploying AI applications at scale, these top 5 biggest artificial intelligence companies are not just advancing technological frontiers; they’re redefining what’s possible. In this article, we delve into the giants of the AI world, exploring their contributions and the impact they have on our everyday lives and beyond.

1. Intel

Intel stands as a prominent manufacturer of digital chips, specialising in creating microprocessors for worldwide personal computer and data centre industries. Having raised a total of £48.66B, they stand as the largest company involved in the artificial intelligence industry. It introduced the x86 microprocessor architecture and has been a key advocate for Moore’s law, which predicts the rapid advancement of semiconductor technology. Intel continues to dominate the market in central processing units for both PCs and servers. Additionally, the company is branching out into related sectors, including communications infrastructure, automotive technology, and the Internet of Things. Intel is also looking to utilise its chip-making expertise to offer foundry services, producing chips on behalf of other entities.

2. Uber

With £25.55B capital raised to date, Uber Technologies operates as a tech company, connecting riders with drivers, food enthusiasts with restaurants and delivery services, and shippers with transportation providers. Its innovative on-demand platform has the potential to expand into further areas with the use of AI, including autonomous cars, drone deliveries, and Uber Elevate, which the company describes as “aerial ride-sharing.” Based in San Francisco, Uber has a global presence in more than 63 countries, serving over 150 million users monthly who request rides or food deliveries.

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3. OpenAI

OpenAI is the creator of ChatGPT, one of the most popular AI tools used in professional and personal applications alike, providing users with information with the ability to generate content. The platform not only generates and manages AI but also participates in policy formulation, education, and outreach. Its versatile application programming interface is adaptable to various language tasks, designed to assist in addressing significant worldwide problems. This allows clients to enhance their skills and knowledge through autonomous systems that surpass human performance in economically significant tasks.

4. Nio

Nio, established in November 2014, is at the forefront of producing electric vehicles for the high-end market. The company excels in designing, developing, co-manufacturing, and selling sophisticated smart electric vehicles. It stands out for its ongoing advancements and innovations in areas like battery swapping and self-driving technologies. Nio introduced its inaugural product, the ES8, a seven-seater electric SUV, in December 2017 and started its delivery by June 2018. Its range now spans midsize to large sedans and SUVs. In 2022, Nio successfully marketed over 122,000 electric vehicles, capturing approximately 2% of China’s new energy passenger vehicle sector.

5. Genesys

Genesys is a creator of software for enterprise and customer interaction, designed to help organisations offer proactive, predictive, and highly personalised experiences. The company’s platform provides services including optimisation of digital infrastructure, integration of artificial intelligence and automation, management of workforce, and improvement of customer experiences, serving sectors such as retail, financial services, government, and healthcare.

Avery Fairbank Talent Insight

The number of talent working with AI has almost doubled since last year, with a 97% increase globally from around 1.2 million professionals to 2.36 million. This shows the level of demand for AI talent as the industry continues to blossom. Amongst this talent some of the most common skills include Python, machine learning and SQL. Some of the fastest growing skills include social media marketing, search engine optimisation and graphic design.

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Published on 06-03-2024


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