Quantum Computing: Top 5 Deals in 2023


November 21, 2023

Deal 1: NKT Photonics

On June 24th 2022, it was announced that Hamamatsu Photonics would acquire NKT Photonics, a renowned Danish manufacturer and seller of lasers and laser equipment components, for approximately EUR 226 million (£199.54 million). Having already gained approvals from several countries including Germany, the UK and the US, Denmark initially declined the acquisition on May 2nd 2023 due to national security concerns. However, Hamamatsu are determined in their efforts to acquire NKT Photonics and have since submitted another application on July 20th 2023 to the Danish Business Authority, with hopes of gaining the necessary approval for the acquisition. In response to the situation, the company has reaffirmed its dedication to actively converse with the Danish authorities to resolve any issues and expedite the approval process.

NKT Photonics’s laser products are used as white light sources in microscopes, light sources for inspection of cutting-edge semiconductor devices, surgical lasers, lasers for cold

traps of ions and atoms in the quantum computing field and more. As Hamamatsu grows their laser business, NKT Photonics’ products, especially compact and lightweight fibre lasers, will play a key role.

Deal 2: Zapata AI

Zapata AI announced that they will be merging with Andretti Acquisition through a reverse merger for $200 million (£157.82 million) on September 6th 2023. Upon approval of the deal, the Zapata AI will trade under the ticker symbol ZPTA on the New York Stock Exchange. The deal will advance ongoing innovation, boost the company’s ability to attract enterprise clients, and further its AI expansion plan.

Zapata AI develops Industrial Generative AI, a category of enterprise software that harnesses language and numerical models for domain-specific, industrial-scale applications. The company’s generative AI solutions offer artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum autoencoder tools, presenting a comprehensive, workflow-driven toolkit for enhanced computing. This boosts the computational strength for computer applications, helping clients harness the potential of quantum computing to optimise supply chains, speed up regulatory approval, improve risk management, and elevate customer experience.

Deal 3: Quantum Motion

Quantum motion raised £42 million on February 20th 2023 in Series B venture funding that was led by Bosch Ventures. This represents one of the UK’s largest investments in quantum computing. It enables Quantum Motion to speed up its silicon quantum processor development by strengthening relationships with its manufacturing associates and tripling its central London headquarters’ size.

Quantum Motion uses complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) processing in its quantum computing architectures to produce high-density qubits. These can be scaled to tackle real-world quantum computing challenges, allowing users to minimise mistakes and enhance quality.

Deal 4: Planqc

On May 4th 2023, Plancq received EUR 29 million (£25.61 million) of grant funding from the German Aerospace Centre. The funds will be used to create a scalable digital neutral-atom-based quantum computing hardware and software platform, capable of demonstrating quantum algorithms for real-world challenges.

Planqc’s quantum machines store data using single atoms, which serve as effective qubits. These qubits are organised into scalable arrays and adjusted using lasers with exact precision. The blend of quantum methods used by Planqc provides the quickest route to achieving thousands of qubits, a prerequisite for industry-relevant quantum advantage.

Deal 5: NVision Imaging Technologies

NVision Imaging Technologies raised $30 million (£23.93 million) of Series A funding from Sparkasse Ulm, Pathena and Playground Global on June 22nd 2023, with participation from b2venture, Entrée Capital, ES Capital Partners and Lauder Partners. The funds will be allocated to further the progress and implementation of the NVision Polarizer, paving the way for innovative metabolic MRI techniques and, in the long run, tailored cancer therapies.

Contrary to conventional polarizers which are slow, challenging to use, and complex in the MRI environment, the NVision Polarizer is speedy, durable, and user-friendly. Utilising an innovative parahydrogen-induced polarisation (PHIP) method, the NVision team harnesses advancements in quantum physics, chemistry, and engineering to transform metabolic MRI technology.

Talent Insight

“The top quantum computing deals of 2023 highlight a definitive path towards innovation, scalability, and practical integration within the industry. This surge of capital and strategic partnerships echoes a determination for unified solutions that harmoniously bridge various quantum technologies. As the realm of quantum possibilities expands, the emphasis on real-world applications and their security implications intensifies. From a recruitment vantage point, I anticipate a soaring demand for experts in quantum application development, scalability strategies, and quantum-safe security measures. As the quantum computing landscape metamorphoses, specialists adept at melding groundbreaking research with pragmatic solutions will be in prime demand in this transformative quantum era.”

– Tyler Huskins, Advanced Technology Executive Search Specialist

QC Top 5 Deals 2023

Published on 21-11-2023