Neurotechnology: 3 Companies to Watch in the US


January 31, 2024

Within the world of neurotechnology, a domain where cutting-edge science meets innovative technology, various companies are leading a revolution in healthcare, computing, and mobility. This article shines a spotlight on three exciting neurotechnology companies to watch in the US:  Wispr AI, Sinaptica Therapeutics, and Orbit Technologies. Each stands out in its respective field, whether it’s developing groundbreaking treatments for Alzheimer’s, creating more natural ways for humans to interact with technology, or advancing virtual reality gaming.


Founded in 2021 and based in San Francisco, Wispr AI is revolutionising the way people interact with technology around the world. As a forward-thinking consumer electronics company, they are at the forefront of developing innovative human-technology interaction methods, having raised a total of £12.41 million to date.

Wispr AI is reimagining a device we’ve become accustomed to – the smartphone – by crafting a novel form of personal computing. Despite significant advancements, smartphones have largely remained unchanged over the past decade, with interactions still confined to looking down and swiping on a glass screen.

“Two years ago, Sahaj (Co-Founder and CTO) and I began to question what the future holds. That curiosity sparked the creation of Wispr,” shares Tanay Kothari, Co-founder and CEO. “Our aim is to introduce a new way of interacting with technology, one that’s as natural as the way humans communicate with each other. We’re developing ‘natural interfaces.’ These differ from other neural interfaces that interpret brain signals; our technology is non-invasive and reads biosignals from the body.”

Wispr AI’s approach is set to make miniature keyboards and learning air gestures obsolete. The company is focusing on a user-first strategy, making interactions with technology more instinctive and natural. Wispr AI faces various challenges in creating a successful consumer product and is tackling these by building a team of skilled engineers and designers. Their mission is to innovate and redefine interaction, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Sinaptica Therapeutics

Sinaptica Therapeutics, a trailblazer in electromagnetic therapeutics, is pioneering a customised, non-invasive brain stimulation technique, bringing new hope in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

At the heart of their innovation is the SinaptiStim™ – AD System, an advanced medical device designed to deliver personalised electromagnetic therapy to each patient. This novel approach has been rigorously evaluated in a groundbreaking, randomised, sham-controlled clinical trial. The SinaptiStim™ – AD System combines electromagnetic brain stimulation with cutting-edge, AI-driven protocols, accurate brain modelling, and focused network intervention, creating a tailored treatment strategy.

With over a decade of scientific and clinical research underpinning this therapy, Sinaptica aims to significantly improve treatment outcomes for AD and potentially other neurodegenerative diseases, addressing the urgent need for more effective interventions. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) awarded the SinaptiStim™ – AD System with the Breakthrough Device Designation in October 2022. Sinaptica stands on the brink of transforming Alzheimer’s disease treatment, introducing novel, targeted therapies that promise to enhance patient care and results dramatically.

Orbit Technologies

Orbit Technologies specialises in neurotechnology software, tailored for virtual reality applications. They focus on developing non-invasive brain-computer interfaces aimed at elevating the gaming and virtual reality experience. Their innovative device, positioned behind the ears, intensifies gaming immersion by transmitting electrical signals to the brain’s movement centres. This technology provides gamers with a remarkably enhanced and immersive gaming experience.

On November 7th 2023, the company secured $500,000 in Pre-seed funding from Dune Ventures. This investment will be utilised to prepare their product for production, setting the stage for a pre-sale launch scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

Published on 31-01-2024


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