Neurotechnology: 3 Companies to Watch in Europe


January 31, 2024

In the field of neurotechnology, where pioneering science converges with groundbreaking technological advancements, several companies are spearheading transformative changes in healthcare, computing, and mobility. This article focuses on three noteworthy neurotechnology companies to watch based in Europe: Neuranics, Samphire Neuroscience, and Corticale.


Neuranics, a Glasgow based startup founded in 2021, is pioneering a groundbreaking neurotechnology designed to sense the magnetic fields produced by the body’s organs. Utilising magnetic sensing as its core technology, the company aims to revolutionise the way we interface with the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems, as well as muscles. This innovation significantly improves the functionality of human-machine interfaces with its high spatial resolution. The technology paves the way for healthcare companies to integrate advanced skills into next-generation wearable and implantable devices.

On September 27th 2023, the company successfully secured £2.13 million in venture funding, led by Par Equity, which valued the company at £1.75 million before the investment. Additional participants in this funding round included Old College Capital, Creator Fund, and GU Holdings. The capital raised is earmarked for finalising research and development efforts, expanding the team from the current nine members to 25 over the next one to two years, initiating sales and marketing activities, and acquiring necessary equipment.

Samphire Neuroscience

Samphire Neuroscience, based in London and founded in 2021, aims to improve women’s health and lifestyles through its innovative products. They have developed a headband device that employs non-invasive electrical neuromodulation to target specific brain areas. This stimulation is designed to alleviate symptoms often experienced during menstrual cycles, such as pain, fatigue, and mood swings, thereby helping women manage these common discomforts more effectively.

On May 25th 2023, the company secured an undisclosed sum in venture funding through Convertible Notes. This investment came from Hax, SOSV, and CVX Ventures. The investment from these firms not only brings in financial resources but also offers valuable industry expertise and network support, potentially opening new opportunities for the company’s advancement and innovation in its field.


Italian company Corticale, founded in 2021, specialises in OEM neurotechnology aimed at enhancing neuroprosthetics and treatments for brain and mental health disorders. They provide implantable probes using SiNAPS technology and are committed to developing and producing implantable neuroelectronic CMOS devices, brain research instruments, and bioelectronic medical devices. Their offerings enable neurotechnology industries and medical research companies to access cutting-edge neuro interfacing components. Additionally, they offer high-resolution brain activity recordings through their dense electrode array and minimal wiring design, fostering innovation in the field.

On September 19th 2022, the company successfully raised EUR 2 million in angel funding from a group of undisclosed investors. This investment represents a significant milestone, indicating strong confidence in the company’s potential from experienced angel investors.

Published on 31-01-2024


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