Nanotechnology: Top 5 Deals in Europe in 2023


November 21, 2023

IMS Nanofabrication

On September 12th 2023, Intel Corporation announced an agreement to sell approximately 10% of its ownership stake in IMS Nanofabrication (IMS) to Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) for a total of £340.58 million. This transaction values IMS at approximately $4.3 billion. Despite this divestment, Intel will retain majority control over IMS, allowing it to continue operating independently under the leadership of CEO Dr. Elmar Platzgummer. The completion of this deal is expected in the fourth quarter of 2023.

IMS holds a prominent position in the industry as a leader in multi-beam mask writing tools, which are crucial for advancing extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV). EUV technology is widely adopted in cutting-edge semiconductor nodes that power demanding computational tasks, including artificial intelligence and mobile platforms. TSMC’s investment in IMS enhances the company’s autonomy and reinforces confidence in its promising future prospects. This increased self-reliance positions IMS to accelerate its growth and lead the next wave of lithography technology advancements, supporting the industry’s transition to innovative patterning systems such as high-numerical-aperture (high-NA) EUV.

NKT Photonics

Hamamatsu Photonics announced its intention to acquire NKT Photonics on June 24th 2022, a prominent Danish manufacturer of lasers and laser equipment components, for an estimated EUR 226 million (£199.54 million). While several countries, including Germany, the UK, and the US, have granted their approvals for the acquisition, Denmark declined it on May 2nd 2023, citing concerns related to national security. Undaunted by this setback, Hamamatsu promptly submitted a fresh application to the Danish Business Authority on July 20th, 2023, with the aim of obtaining the necessary clearance for the acquisition. The company has underlined its unwavering commitment to actively engage with Danish authorities to address their concerns and expedite the approval process.

NKT Photonics is renowned for its laser products with applications spanning microscope white light sources, advanced semiconductor device inspection, surgical procedures, and quantum computing, among others. As Hamamatsu expands its laser division, the compact and highly efficient fibre lasers from NKT Photonics are set to become an integral component of their product portfolio.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies

French diagnostics company BioMérieux invested £70 million in Oxford Nanopore Technologies, a London-listed DNA sequencing firm on October 19th 2023. This investment has secured BioMérieux a 3.5% stake in the company. Following the completion of this deal, shares of Oxford Nanopore experienced a 14.3% increase in value the following day.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies creates advanced DNA and RNA sequencing technology. This technology is designed to provide valuable information quickly, and is user-friendly and accessible. The company is mainly focused on researching, developing, making, and selling the only commercial sequencing platform that uses nanopores. This platform can analyse DNA and RNA in real-time. It allows users to conduct scientific and medical research in various fields, such as human genetics, cancer studies, disease outbreak monitoring, environmental analysis, studying diseases and drug resistance, microbiome research, and crop science.


Quandela secured EUR 35.4 million (£30.43 million) in venture funding on November 7th 2023, with contributions from Omnes Capital, European Innovation Council Fund, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, Serena Capital, Quantonation, and Bpifrance. These funds will accelerate its global expansion efforts and ramp up quantum computer production to fulfil the demands of industrial customers.

The company operates a quantum computing platform with the aim of advancing the progress of quantum communication networks and optical quantum computers. Their single-photon source device integrates photonics and semiconductor quantum dots, enabling quantum communication, computing, and sensing. This technology allows for the highly efficient collection of emitted photons, bringing photon-based quantum computers within closer reach in the near future.


Nanobiotix is currently engaged in discussions regarding a potential EUR 30 million (£26.05 million) injection of development capital from Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC through a private placement, with discussions initiated as of November 1st 2023. It’s important to note that JJDC’s ownership of the company’s outstanding voting rights will not exceed 9.99%. The primary objective of this investment is to broaden the horizons of cancer treatment options, ultimately benefiting patients in need.

Nanobiotix SA is a dynamic clinical-stage biotechnology firm with a singular mission: revolutionising cancer treatment through groundbreaking nanotechnology. At the heart of its innovation lies NanoXray, a pioneering product line that supercharges radiotherapy, enhancing its impact on tumour cells while sparing healthy tissues. At the forefront of this transformation is NBTXR3, a visionary product candidate currently under preclinical research, poised to usher in a new era of cancer immunotherapies.

Talent Insight

“In my opinion, these substantial investments and strategic partnerships are setting the stage for a future where the power of nanotechnology is harnessed in a truly comprehensive way. As we witness the continuous evolution of nanotechnology, I believe that we’ll see a surge in demand for various specialised roles, including Nanomaterial Engineers, Nanomedicine Researchers, and Nanoelectronics Specialists. These collaborations mark a pivotal moment in the journey to unlock the full potential of nanotechnology, and I’m excited to see the groundbreaking innovations that will emerge across industries, from healthcare to electronics.”

– Tyler Huskins, Advanced Technology Executive Search Specialist

Nanotech Top 5 Deals Europe

Published on 21-11-2023


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