Nanotechnology: 3 Companies to Watch in the US


February 6, 2024

In the realm of nanotechnology, where advanced science meets groundbreaking technological developments, numerous companies are at the forefront of transformative changes in sectors like healthcare, electronics, and material science. This article highlights three nanotechnology companies to watch based in the US making waves with their innovative contributions in the industry: Aera Therapeutics, Axoft and Flashpoint Therapeutics.

Aera Therapeutics

Aera Therapeutics’ health technology platform is designed to deliver groundbreaking genetic medicines. Its unique protein nanoparticle (PNP) delivery platform for genetic medicine capitalises on the discovery of natural human proteins from retroelements. These proteins can autonomously form structures akin to capsids and are capable of packaging and transporting nucleic acid payloads. This platform merges the advantages of a naturally self-assembling system with the flexibility of a protein-based system. It holds promising potential for the healthcare industry, offering genetic medicine solutions across various modalities and therapeutic areas.

On February 16th 2023, the company successfully secured $193 million in Series B venture funding, with the round spearheaded by GV, Lux Capital, and ARCH Venture Partners. Newpath Partners, F-Prime Capital, and Altitude Life Science Ventures also joined in this funding round. These funds are earmarked for leveraging the company’s proprietary delivery platform to explore and expand the capabilities of genetic medicines across various modalities and therapeutic domains.


Axoft is focused on creating implantable electronics that enhance brain-machine interactions. Its technology features brain implants crafted from an ultra-flexible plastic mesh, offering a softer alternative to traditional plastic and silicone implants. These innovative implants are not only scalable but also capable of incorporating multiple sensors into a single device that matches the brain’s mechanical properties. This advancement provides patients, especially those with neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s disease, access to more appropriate and effective medical technologies.

In 2023, the company became a part of Intel Ignite’s Spring 23 cohort. Before this, on October 20th 2022, it had raised $8 million in Seed funding, led by The Engine, which valued the company at $25 million before the investment. Reform Ventures, along with nine other investors, also contributed to this funding round. The capital raised is intended for conducting preclinical studies in compliance with FDA regulations and for the advancement of the company’s neural implant prototypes, noted for their brain-like softness.

Flashpoint Therapeutics

Flashpoint Therapeutics specialises in developing cancer immunotherapies designed to enhance the anti-tumor immune response. Its nanostructures are comprehensive formulations that dynamically adjust and simultaneously deliver specific therapeutic components. These components are nano-optimised to trigger a robust, synchronised response against tumours. This approach offers patients innovative cancer immunotherapies, transforming therapeutic components from being ineffective to potentially curative, thanks to the optimised nanoscale design.

On October 17th 2023, the company successfully secured $10 million by combining Seed-1 and Seed-2 funding rounds, with Beta Lab leading the investment and establishing the company’s pre-money valuation at $25 million. CS Venture Opportunities Fund, along with several other undisclosed investors, also took part in this financing. The raised funds are earmarked for progressing the company’s inaugural cancer therapy and for selecting a second therapy candidate.

Published on 06-02-2024


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