Nanotechnology: 3 Companies to Watch in Asia


February 13, 2024

In the realm of nanotechnology, a sector characterised by the integration of cutting-edge scientific discoveries and groundbreaking technological progress, numerous prominent firms in Asia are spearheading substantial changes within healthcare, electronics, and material science. This piece highlights three notable nanotechnology companies to watch based in Asia that are at the forefront of innovation in the industry, making remarkable progress with their creative endeavours: Global Vascular, Evolyzer and Xingqihuang.

Global Vascular

Tokyo-based Global Vascular, founded in 2022, has developed a drug-eluting stent delivery system aimed at treating lower limb artery disease. Utilising nanotechnology, this system minimises the adhesion of blood clots and promotes the integration of cells with the stent, facilitating a treatment process that is less invasive and more body-friendly for patients undergoing stent placement by medical professionals.

On December 5th 2023, the company secured JPY 1.17 billion in Series A venture funding from investors including Diamond Medino Capital, Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo, and the Fast Track Initiative, valuing the company at JPY 3.51 billion before the investment. Additional participants in the funding round were Tokyo University of Science Investment Management, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, and Tusic. The raised capital will be directed towards advancing non-clinical trials of the stent delivery system, with a particular focus on conducting animal studies at a U.S. GLP-compliant testing facility. This effort aims to achieve regulatory clearance for the company’s drug-eluting stent delivery system designed for the treatment of lower extremity artery disease.


Evolyzer, based in Beijing and founded in 2022, specialises in creating industrial biocatalysts for use in agriculture, oil fields, daily chemicals, and more. With a focus on industrial biocatalysts, synthetic biology, and bio-nanotechnology, it enables manufacturers to employ biocatalysts that are both highly efficient and resistant.

On May 26th 2023, the company secured venture funding from SinoKing Capital, Sequoia Capital China, and CDH Shanghai Dinghui Bai Fu Wealth Management Co., with Ltd. also contributing to the funding round. The amount raised was not disclosed. This follows a prior fundraising effort on June 6th 2022, when the company garnered CNY 50 million in seed funding in a round spearheaded by Sequoia Capital China and Frees Fund, with additional participation from Tsinghua Innovation Ventures and Kangyu Capital.


Based in Shandong, China, and founded in 2023, Xingqihuang specialises in the creation and study of nanoscale red light technology, aiming to contribute to the field of nanotechnology. Its primary activities are centred around the research and development of nanoscale red light, infrared light, and far-red light technologies, offering clients products that set the standard in the industry.

On December 14th 2023, the company secured CNY 50 million in Series A seed funding from Qingdao Zhongsheng Huiyin, establishing the company’s pre-funding valuation at CNY 450 million.

Published on 13-02-2024


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