Internet of Things: 3 Companies to Watch in Europe


January 24, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT), numerous innovative companies are at the forefront, merging the physical and digital realms and ushering in significant changes in everyday life and the broader field of technology. This article delves into three internet of things companies to watch in Europe, highlighting their recent endeavours, advanced technologies, and their potential to reshape how we interact with our surroundings.


Founded in 2022, Rated Labs, an Ethereum-based oracle and datasets provider based in London, UK, successfully raised £9.89 million in a Series A funding round on 27th September 2023.

The investment was led by Archetype, accompanied by contributions from existing investors such as Placeholder, 1confirmation, Cherry, and Semantic, and new investors including Robot Ventures, Chorus One, Factor, and Maelstrom.

The company, under the leadership of CEO Elias Simos, plans to utilise the funds to bolster its operations and broaden its reach to multiple blockchain platforms, including Polygon, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Solana.

Specialising in node and operator ratings, data pipelines, and an extensive infrastructure dataset for Ethereum, Rated Labs has made significant strides since its inception in 2022. The company’s first product, the Rated Explorer, has attracted nearly 150,000 unique visitors. Additionally, the Rated API has recorded 60 million calls across over 45 integrations. The company has also established partnerships and integrations with key players in the Ethereum Staking ecosystem, such as Lido, Liquid Collective, Metamask Institutional, Chorus One, Stader Labs, Nexus Mutual, and others.


Originally established in 2021 as the medical division of Semiconductor Ideas to the Market (ItoM) B.V., Sencure has its origins in ItoM Medical B.V., which was formed in 2018. This Dutch startup, having secured £7.74 million in funding, excels in creating innovative chips designed to transform the measurement of electrophysiological parameters on the human body. Sencure is known for its comprehensive range of signal processing algorithms, which are readily incorporated into medical devices through IP licensing. Their state-of-the-art chip technology is set to enhance the efficiency, speed, and compactness of medical wearable devices, marking a significant leap forward in healthcare innovation.

Under the leadership of CEO Dick Van Waes, Sencure specialises in measuring critical bioelectrical data, facilitating precise diagnostics and remote monitoring for various health conditions including cardiac issues, COPD, and neurological disorders. The team is comprised of chip designers, medical device experts, and sales professionals. Regarding the company’s 8-channel biopotential sensing chip, Van Waes highlights that this product “will accelerate healthcare innovations with its revolutionary measurement technology and reduced power consumption,” noting its applicability in ICU-grade ventilation, vital sign tracking, COVID-19 symptom monitoring, athletic training, and stress/activity assessment.

Jurryt Vellinga, former CEO and current Strategic Advisor at Sencure, has announced plans to expand the team and forge unique solutions by bringing together specialists in medical device development and marketing. Vellinga emphasises the need for innovative technology to address the growing challenges faced by various patient groups, particularly in the context of rising chronic diseases and limited healthcare access. With a focus on making devices smaller, more power-efficient, user-friendly, and patient-centred, Sencure aims to cater to the growing needs of remote monitoring and home healthcare.


As a developer of quantum computing management software, the Danish firm founded in 2022, Kvantify, specialises in creating solutions that overcome complex computational problems across various functional domains. With a focus on enhancing all facets of computing and supplementing performance computing, the company aims to solve critical business issues in the world. This approach enables clients to discover alternative solutions for a wide range of challenges in fields such as life sciences, financial services, logistics, and other key areas.

In October 2023, Kvantify partnered with King’s College London, a prominent British university. This partnership will focus on investigating new ways to combine classical and quantum computing technologies in the pursuit of drug discovery for neurological disorders. This partnership leverages the distinct capabilities of both King’s College London and Kvantify, promoting a vibrant sharing of expertise and spurring innovation. This collaboration forms a significant part of King’s College London’s substantial investment in the natural sciences, aiming to harness the strengths of each organisation.

Published on 24-01-2024


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