Biotech vs Pharma: What’s the Difference?


September 21, 2023

For many, the terms “biotech” and “pharma” might appear synonymous. However, understanding the nuances between biotech and pharma provides clarity on developments in the life sciences ecosystem, including breakthroughs in medication, vaccines, and more.

While household names like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, or Eli Lilly often come to mind when discussing health innovations, the life sciences landscape is vast, accommodating both startups and smaller entities. The well-known entities typically belong to the pharmaceutical sector, whereas emerging ones are often biotechnological innovators. Yet, the lines blur, as giants like Pfizer have a footprint in both realms. Both sectors aim to revolutionise healthcare, differing primarily in their developmental approaches.

Distinguishing Biotech and Pharma: A Deeper Dive

What does a biotech entity entail?

Biotech entities harness living organisms, like cells, to address diverse challenges. They employ biotechnological techniques to create solutions like gene therapy, vaccines, and other biologics. But biotech’s scope isn’t limited to healthcare; it’s expansive. Consider Pivot Bio, a pioneer in sustainable farming solutions, crafting eco-friendly fertilisers.

Biotech’s branches include:
  • Animal: Optimising animals for commercial use, e.g., enhanced milk-producing cows.
  • Medical: Innovating medical solutions, from large-scale medicine production to vaccine development.
  • Industrial: Commercialising organic compounds, including the likes of penicillin.
  • Environmental: Harnessing biotech for environmental sustainability, from waste reduction to water treatment.
  • Plant: Leveraging GM plants for heightened crop yield or stress resistance.
What defines a pharmaceutical entity?

Pharmaceutical firms primarily focus on crafting drugs from chemical compounds to address health issues. While their methodologies may differ from biotech, collaboration isn’t uncommon. Owing to their sheer size, pharma giants can either emulate the research of smaller biotech firms or acquire their innovative findings.

Unpacking the Convergence and Distinction

Both biotech and pharma share a mission: enhancing health outcomes. Their collaboration often results in biopharmaceutical hybrids, evident in the development of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. Regulatory nuances exist, with distinct approval pathways for both sectors.

FDA Approvals in Pharma

Drugs innovated by pharmaceutical entities usually undergo New Drug Application (NDA) scrutiny by the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. The meticulous approval process demands comprehensive data, spanning from animal testing to human trials.

FDA Approvals in Biotech

Biotechnological innovations typically seek approval through Biologics License Application (BLA) at the Center for Biologics Evaluations and Research. Like the NDA, BLA demands rigorous proof of product safety and efficacy.

Both sectors showcase potential for exponential growth, with biotech, being relatively nascent, experiencing rapid expansion. McKinsey highlights the biotech sector’s staggering growth, especially post-pandemic.

Envisioning the Future

The boundaries between biotech and pharma are progressively blurring, propelled by collaborative ventures like the Johnson & Johnson and Allogene partnership. Future prospects include cutting-edge gene therapies, expansive mRNA vaccine research, and the development of monoclonal antibodies, as showcased in the fight against COVID-19.

In essence, while biotech and pharma might originate from distinct developmental philosophies, their combined potential paves the way for a healthier future.

Empowering Biotech & Pharma Leadership for the Future

The landscape of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals is intricate and continuously evolving. Navigating its complexities requires insightful C-suite leadership. Whether you’re a biotech enterprise or a pharmaceutical firm gearing up for the next phase, having seasoned executives is paramount.

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Biotech vs Pharma

Published on 21-09-2023