Biotechnology Recruitment: Why You Should Use A Specialist

November 16, 2022

When it comes to biotechnology, whether you’re just starting in the field or you’re an international, corporate company going from strength to strength: hiring the right people should always remain your top priority.

Hiring a new recruit can be a tricky task for any company, and if you choose the wrong person, it could truly be a blocker to your business’s growth; or it could at the least cause a mountain of disruption. It’s not a decision to take lightly.

However, in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment like biotechnology, finding the time in the work day to sift through CVs, organise interviews and negotiate offers can be troublesome, and is often left as an afterthought.

So, why not hand the responsibility to someone who not only has the time and resources, but also the passion, expertise and network to find that perfect person?

How a biotech recruitment consultant can benefit your business:

Improved candidate quality

Using a biotech executive search consultant holds a myriad of benefits, one of which being the high calibre of candidates they’ll have to hand

Biotech recruitment agencies know the field through and through, knowing exactly what type of technical skills and qualities you’re looking for and what candidates are actually out there that match those requirements – whether these people are actively searching for a new role or not. As a result, you’ll always be assured that you’re not just getting a good candidate, but the best candidate. 

Essentially, you can trust a biotechnology recruitment specialist to present you with top-level talent, each candidate vetted and shortlisted to ensure they align with your company prior to meeting you.

It’s a tough market

With the Biotechnology industry growing exponentially as we speak, with employment in the sector predicted to grow by around 5%, or even surpass that, by 2029, it’s a tough market when it comes to the supply meeting the demand for top biotech talent. 

Those in senior-level positions are extremely unlikely to be actively seeking out new roles and opportunities. As such, that means relying solely on in-house search via job advertisements is unlikely to reap the best results. 

Specialist biotech recruitment partners will have a well-developed network of candidates in the industry that they know are looking to move, or could possibly be swayed. 

And when it comes to a field like biotechnology, you’re looking to fill incredibly niche, technical roles. Ultimately, these roles, such as a biotech CEO role for example, are near impossible to fill without the extra expertise actively searching for you. 

Additionally, utilising the help of biotech executive search consultants can be incredibly helpful for smaller companies who have minimal connections in the industry and no idea where to begin. Essentially, a recruiter can open up a whole new world of choice.

Saving time and money

Whether you’re a huge multi-million company or a young startup, the time it takes out of the working day to search and interview is hugely detrimental when it comes to productivity. 

And according to recent studies, the biotechnology industry is reported to have the 4th longest hiring process across all industries, taking weeks upon weeks to acquire the right fit. Realistically, many companies see these lengthy hiring processes as taking up valuable time, that could be more productively used to fulfil their day-to-day business operations.

According to recent studies, the biotechnology industry has the 4th longest hiring process across all sectors.

And when recruitment is handled poorly, candidates are often put off, seeing the awkward process as an insight to what working at your company would be like – wasting everyone’s time as a result. In fact, two thirds (65%) of employers globally reported they had lost their preferred candidate to an overly lengthy hiring process. On the other hand, if you end up recruiting someone that doesn’t quite fit the company and they leave shortly after, you’ve wasted a lot of time training them up with not a lot to show at the end of it. 

And when time is money, this is a huge problem. High turnover is one of the biggest contributors to decreased productivity and company loss. The cost of replacing a single employee can even range from half to double the employee’s salary, which can be especially detrimental to small businesses.

Using biotech recruitment agencies can mitigate these delays tenfold, screening CVs, shortlisting candidates in advance and ensuring improved candidate quality, reducing high turnover and speeding up the process all round. 

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of using a specialist is often the primary reason why biotechs use recruitment consultants. For example, our team managed to vet and shortlist a set of CEO candidates for Senex Biotechnology in as little as a week, ensuring the entire process was smooth, simple and speedy for the company. 

Great for scalability

Most specialist recruiters can change their resource requirements depending on the needs of their client. 

For example, if your business is going through expansions, opening up new research centres or in need of a whole team hiring under strict, swift deadlines, a specialist company will have the resources to scale up or scale down depending on what you need.

Key takeaways:

Using specialist biotech recruitment partners has many advantages, but here are our key takeaways:

  • Cost and time efficient
  • Likely to hire a better candidate than you would have initially
  • Good if you have no pre-established network or connections 
  • Can tailor their resources depending on what you require 

The biotech recruitment specialists you need

No matter if you’re a growing company or already have an established brand and reputation, we’ve got experience working with all kinds of biotechnology companies across the world. Tasked with seeking out the best talent of today, we’ve placed top-level candidates into some of the most innovative, international biotechs.

We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge, state-of-the-art, modern technology and of course, the strong relationships we’ve built with both candidates and clients over the years. 

Combining all this together, we have the resources to widen your scope and deliver specialist search consultancy for your company, whatever your size, whoever you’re looking for.  

Our mission is to make biotechnology recruitment a seamless, simple experience, for both your company and your potential candidates, so that they get the best first impressions of you while you enjoy the benefits of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. And of course, we only present you with candidates that we see to be a good fit for the role and your company culture and values, increasing employee retention as a long term result. 

Trust us to work on your behalf as an extension of your team, so that we can seek out the best talent of today that’ll help drive your company to success.
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Published on 16-11-2022