7 Everyday Uses of Nanotechnology


February 2, 2024

Nanotechnology refers to the manipulation of matter at an atomic and molecular scale, which sounds like something from a science fiction novel but is actually employed in many common products we use daily. In this article, we delve into the fascinating everyday uses of nanotechnology.

Understanding Nanotechnology: Tiny Scale, Huge Impact

Nanotechnology operates at an incredibly small scale – 1,000 times smaller than the microscopic level and a billion times smaller than the standard metre measurements we’re accustomed to. To put it into perspective, a human hair is about 100,000 nanometers wide, demonstrating the minuscule scale at which nanotechnology works.

This microscopic world, though tiny, has immense implications for the larger world we inhabit. At the nanoscale, materials often exhibit different behaviours and properties. For instance, silk may feel soft to the touch, but at a nano-level, it comprises molecules arranged in cross-links, contributing to its remarkable strength. This insight into materials at the atomic level allows for the manipulation and creation of innovative, strong materials like Kevlar.

Nanotechnology isn’t just about observing; it’s about applying this knowledge to develop new solutions and products, harnessing the unique properties found at this tiny scale.

Nanotechnology in Everyday Items

Although it sounds futuristic, nanotechnology is already integrated into various everyday items. Here are seven familiar products enhanced by nanotechnology:


For years, sunscreens have incorporated nanoparticles to boost their effectiveness. Commonly used nanoparticles in sunscreens include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These minuscule particles are excellent at blocking UV radiation and offer a lighter feel on the skin, making modern sunscreens much less heavy and sticky compared to older versions.


Nanotechnology has enabled the creation of water and liquid-repellent fabrics. By embedding or spraying silica nanoparticles into the textile weave, fabrics can resist water and stains. This is why liquids on waterproof clothing tend to form droplets that roll off rather than soak in, all thanks to nanotechnology.


Similar to clothing, nanotechnology has been applied to furniture fabrics, making them waterproof and stain-resistant. Additionally, nanotechnology plays a role in enhancing safety; upholstered furniture can be made less flammable by coating the foam with carbon nanofibers, which can reduce flammability by up to 35%.

Enhanced Adhesives

Adhesives, typically less effective at high temperatures, have been revolutionised by nanotechnology. A novel “nano-glue” not only withstands elevated temperatures but also increases its adhesive strength as the temperature rises, showcasing the remarkable potential of nanotechnology in enhancing everyday materials.

Protective Car Paint Coatings

Nanotechnology has been employed by Nanorepel to develop high-performance nanocoatings for vehicles. These coatings are designed to shield car paint from damage caused by bird droppings and other environmental factors. Additionally, Nanorepel offers protective solutions for car upholstery, safeguarding against stains and spills.

Tennis Balls and Racquets

In sports equipment, nanotechnology has made significant strides, particularly in tennis. It extends the durability of tennis balls, ensuring they retain their bounce longer. Similarly, tennis racquets have been strengthened through nanotechnology, enhancing their performance and durability.

Computer Technology

The electronics industry, especially computers, owes much of its advancement to nanotechnology. Intel, a frontrunner in this field, has developed computer processors using 10-nanometer technology. Considering that a nanometer is one-billionth of a metre, the development of such compact and efficient processors is a testament to the incredible impact of nanotechnology in modern electronics.

Published on 02-02-2024


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