3 Diagnostic Equipment Companies to Watch

August 1, 2023

In the dynamic world of the diagnostic equipment industry, there are several emerging companies that have captured the interest of investors, experts, and healthcare professionals with their innovative technologies and potential to revolutionise diagnostics and patient care. In this article, we will closely examine three exciting diagnostic equipment companies to watch, exploring their cutting-edge solutions and novel approaches that are poised to shape the future of healthcare and enhance the well-being of individuals worldwide.

3EO Health

3EO Health has developed a rapid and precise molecular assay for detecting SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens. Their device features a reusable base unit and single-use, pathogen-specific consumables, eliminating the need for expensive instrumentation. With their cost-effective workflow and innovative technology, 3EO Health has raised £20.86 million since 2021.

The company was founded by Harvard Medical School professor Peng Yin, an esteemed leader in the Molecular Robotics Initiative at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. With the goal of advancing the technology developed at the Wyss Institute, a number of researchers closely involved in its development joined 3EO Health. Professor Yin envisions the platform to have broad applications beyond infectious diseases, anticipating its potential for addressing various healthcare challenges.

3EO Health was among the select few chosen for the prestigious 2023 Cohort of the MedTech Innovator Accelerator program, standing out from a pool of 1,150 applicants worldwide. Jeremy Schubert, CEO of 3EO Health, expressed his excitement about being part of this esteemed program saying “Being part of the MedTech Innovator’s esteemed Accelerator program, known for cultivating groundbreaking medtech startups, validates our innovation and underpins the importance of lowering cost in healthcare. We look forward to participating, and recognise this is a significant catalyst opportunity in our growth trajectory.” 

With Schubert’s extensive experience as a seasoned Global Business Leader, known for driving enterprise sales and optimising profits, 3EO Health is poised for substantial growth through this transformative opportunity.

Miga Health

Heart disease and strokes are leading causes of death and disability in the United States. According to the CDC, 80% of premature heart disease and stroke cases are preventable. Miga Health, led by CEO Jarrad Aguirre, aims to tackle heart disease and related conditions with a unique approach. Aguirre stated “There’s this need to have a consumer brand and product that’s more like Headspace than Kaiser Permanente,” contrasting the meditation app with the California health system, “but that also leads and manages clinical services.” Since its inception in 2021, Miga Health has raised £9.64 million to revolutionise heart health and address the current crisis in the US.

Miga’s app offers seamless virtual hospital visits, automated health data sharing, and direct communication with a dedicated care team. Users receive effective treatments, personalised advice, and daily action plans, all supported by Miga’s attentive care team. The company aims to create a consumer brand like Headspace or Duolingo, integrating user-friendly features with comprehensive clinical care.

Aguirre, along with Miga’s Co-Founder Andreas Limberopoulos, aims to position Miga as a leader in heart health. “There are so few companies in heart health relative to the need and relative to the opportunity,” he said. “We would love to jump in and be the leading edge for what we know is possible in heart health.”


Navignostics, a biotech startup born out of the University of Zürich in April 2022, is committed to propelling cancer diagnostics and drug discovery forward by harnessing the power of spatial single-cell proteomics. This groundbreaking technology empowers researchers to create detailed protein maps of tumours, revolutionising the field and offering invaluable precision in oncology. With £7.55 million raised since 2022, Navignostics is poised to transform cancer care.

Jana Fischer, Navignostics’ CEO and computational biologist specialising in tumour ecosystem analysis, explained, “Like cancer genomics, we can simultaneously measure many different markers, but we do that directly on the level of the proteins.” Using mass cytometry and AI-guided software, Navignostics creates proteomic maps of tumours, revealing protein dynamics, cell composition, and interactions. This knowledge informs personalised treatment recommendations for effective tumour reduction.

Fischer commented on the company’s seed funding, stating “With this seed financing, we will boost our capacity to engage with clinical, biotech and pharma partners and accelerate the development of our first diagnostic product. We will take a big step in Navignostics’ company expansion by moving our team into our own laboratory and office premises, enabling the establishment of certified processes and further expansion of our world-leading team of scientists and business professionals”.

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Published on 01-08-2023

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